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About AlbionStats

The idea behind AlbionStats is to provide full statistics coverage on Albion Online's small-scale PVP like: 1v1, 2v2, GvG and even 10v10.

It's not easy to provide that due to the fact of Albion Online's official API limitations but we are constantly finding more solutions and improvements to the statistics quality.

Consider Donating#

The hosting costs to keep AlbionStats online is not cheap and increases quickly the more information/stats it's included in the website.

Right now we are handling more than 500.000 kill events per month and that number will grown at least 5 times when we have to deal with GvG.

We continually focus on reducing the servers costs by making it more effective but it costs development time that could be used to improve our stats.

Unfortnantly the website, for now, cannot add advertising due to it's content, but we are working on a solution for that problem.

Consider doing at least a small donation through our Patreon page

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